Tips to Reduce Blood Pressure

Tips to Reduce Blood Pressure Without Medicine

Americans consume nearly five grams of salt per day – about the same amount that an entire meal of beef, pork, chicken and fish might contain.

Finding natural ways to reduce blood pressure safely and easily is vital to lowering your overall risk of stroke or heart attack. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, can cause many different health problems if left untreated or treated improperly. High blood pressure symptoms typically include things such as headaches, dizziness, shortness of breathe, fatigue and vision problems. Some natural ways to reduce blood pressure naturally include: * Exercising regularly and consistently. * Eating a healthy diet that is rich in fresh vegetables and whole grains.

ways to reduce blood pressure

Americans are eating more salt every day.

Americans consume nearly five grams of salt per day – about the same amount that an entire meal of beef, pork, chicken and fish might contain. Many scientists believe that excessive salt causes our bodies to retain water, which increases our weight – and hypertension risk. Fortunately, there are several ways to lower hypertension safely and naturally without resorting to dangerous prescription drugs. Here are four of the most effective:

* Salt intake

– You should try to limit the amount of salt you consume each day. To do this, try to eat pickled foods that have less salt and more fresh fruits and vegetables. * Buy products that are low in sodium. For example, if you shop for food at a chain like McDonald’s, you will find many sodium-free products. If you don’t have time to cook, consider buying prepackaged food that is low in sodium and high in other nutrients.

* Diet soda intake

– Many people believe that diet soda increases their blood pressure. This is partly because soda contains high levels of carbon dioxide, which triggers a release of additional fluids into the bloodstream when consumed. However, excessive sodium intake can actually increase blood pressure – and is a risk factor for both hypertension and heart disease. To counter this, drink plenty of water to help replace the carbonated beverages. Also, be sure to chew your food thoroughly (and not just swallow) to help increase your swallowing capacity and thus lower your sodium consumption. You’ll feel better and may even lose weight if you reduce your salt intake.

* Exercise

– In addition to reducing your salt intake, another one of the best ways to reduce hypertension is to get some regular physical activity. Regular exercise is good for your heart, which helps to lower blood pressure as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a cardio-vascular program. In a dash diet review, it was noted that cardiovascular exercises, such as running or cycling, help to burn extra fat, which leads to weight loss. In addition, studies have shown that exercise reduces stress levels, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

* Avoid salt

– Sodium is found in just about every food you eat, so it’s wise to watch the amount you consume. Even if you have to substitute foods for other sodium-rich foods, choose the healthier options when possible. Many of the salt alternatives on the market are now made with natural ingredients that may actually increase your blood pressure. Look for the sodium-reduction ingredient on the back of the food label.

* Cut back on alcohol consumption

– The second thing you need to do to lower your high blood pressure level is to cut back on alcohol consumption. Research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial for heart health. However, drinking too much alcohol can cause problems. Excessive alcohol consumption raises the pulse rate and increases the risk for stroke and kidney damage.

* Lose weight

– Finally, one of the best ways to reduce hypertension is to lose weight if you are overweight. A diet low in salt and fat is an important factor in reducing hypertension. By cutting back on your overall body size, you are also burning calories that would normally be used as energy by your body. As a result, you can lose weight and keep high blood pressure at bay.

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