Ways To Cook Eggplant

Ways To Cook Eggplant Is Your Quick And Easy Solution For Healthy Eggplant Recipes

Many people that cook eggplant want to know the secret to getting that soft, mushy texture from their vegetable.

When it comes to cooking eggplants, there are so many ways to cook them. Cooking them is like breathing life into vegetables, and if you do it right, they can taste so amazing. It is such a shame to throw these perfectly good, healthy vegetables away, only to find out later that they were cooked incorrectly. Read on, and learn the ins and outs of ways to cook eggplants!

ways to cook eggplant

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to cooking eggplants is over salting them.

Salting eggplants is a necessary step because salt removes the nutrient value from the vegetable. Overly salted eggplants will go through a mushy, bitter process, which is completely opposite of how the vegetable should be. So here is a step-by-step guide to cooking a sweet, succulent eggplant dish without losing any of its nutrients!

Start by making a delicious creamy soup using low fat sour cream, heavy cream, grated cheese, chicken broth, parsley, garlic, sea salt, and chicken bouillon. In this recipe, I like to use chopped onion wedges as well, to give the soup a much more hearty quality. Add about two cups of this mixture to a medium sized pot full of water. Bring the simmering concoction to a gentle boil, and then immediately turn the heat down to simmer, for an extra mild burst of flavor!

Many people that cook eggplant want to know the secret to getting that soft, mushy texture from their vegetable. They are used to eating eggplant just raw, and getting a firm, crunchy texture from it. While you can certainly steam eggplant in addition to this recipe, it will not have nearly the same level of flavor or appeal. You want to keep things simple here, so stick with the soups and stews that are going to give your eggplants a more traditional feel.

Another way to cook eggplant that many people tend to overlook is roasting it.

You can roast it whole, or you can cut it into chunks and bake them separately. I find that it’s easier to make a big batch of them and roast them at once than to roast just a few at a time, but either way you’ll end up with some delicious eggplant slices that are going to knock your socks off.

If you decide to fry eggplant, be sure to use a good oil that has plenty of flavor.

My favorite is oregano. Not only does it add a nice aroma to the eggplant, but it adds a great deal of flavor as well. If you do decide to fry eggplant, try and not overdo it. Too much oil can make it sticky and make the vegetable tough to maneuver.

Finally, one of the ways to cook eggplants that most people never even consider is peeling them.

Eggplants come off easily if you’re able to remove the insides with ease, so be sure to take the time to do this. There are two basic ways to peel eggplants: using a knife or by hand. Both methods have their pros and cons, but if you’re just doing it for the fact that it gives you a healthier vegetable, it may be worth a little extra time in the kitchen.

As you can see, there are many different ways to cook eggplant, but the two that I mentioned above are the best ones. It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to completely replace the egg in your pasta recipes just to make them healthier. They work great as a substitute. Just know what you’re going to be substituting it with and go from there. Be sure to keep your health in mind, but most of all enjoy your delicious new Italian fare.

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