Healthy Ways to Eat Avocado

3 Healthy Ways to Eat Avocado

Beyond guacamole although, what else could do with the amazingly creamy avocado?

ways to eat avocado

3 Healthy Ways to Eat Avocado

Beyond guacamole although, what else could do with the amazingly creamy avocado? I have listed below 9 ways to eat avocado which doesn’t include guacamoles. Speaking of guacamoles, need to say first that if you’re a restaurant or cafe owner, you must serve only that, not avocado toast, please and thanks.

Avocado and bacon is an excellent combination. To make this even better you can either bake it or use it as a base for frying some bacon. You can also add tomatoes and herbs to the avocado and bacon for a tasty and visually appealing treat.

Is there a more delicious meal than chocolate chip cookies? And what about ice cream – creamy texture with a hint of raspberry flavoring. Serve this chilled with fresh berries and vanilla extract for a delectable summertime desert. This is also a good alternative for dessert because of its cool texture.

If you’re in the mood for something with a little more substance, add some tomatoes, a dash of Tabasco sauce, and pesto cheese. Blend together until smooth. Then you can add the cucumber. Add enough water to completely cover the cucumber, then slice the tip of your finger in the opposite direction to create a valley so that the flavors meld into one another. Add enough milk to make it creamy and serve with whole grain bread.

As an afterthought, I should mention that this is actually a very versatile food.

You can use it as a dip for sandwiches, like I did with the avocado on toast. Use it as a topping on salads or just put it on top of some baked potatoes. You can chop it up and mix it in with meat and vegetables the way you might combine mayonnaise with your tuna casserole. You will never get tired of eating it.

In the oven, you can bake the avocado and add it to soups, meats, fish, pasta dishes, etc. In fact, guacamoles are better when they have avocado in them. Just add a little at the beginning and turn the heat up a bit. Cook until the avocado begins to soften and blend in with the other ingredients.

Another idea is to mash up some of the fruit.

I usually like to have a big serving of mashed avocado on hand when I go shopping since I always seem to get asked for it at the store. A great recipe for a snack that uses mashed avocados is called mashed & puree and it’s so delicious you won’t even remember you didn’t eat any vegetables. It also goes well with fish, meat, rice and any sort of vegetable you might put it with. If you feel like adding it to your morning cereal, that’s okay too.

To make the avocado smoothie, simply put ripe avocados in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Then, add some frozen berries, yogurt or any other ingredients of your choice and blend until smooth again. Don’t forget to drink the avocado smoothie while it’s still warm from the blender. Add some ice and enjoy. Make it the next time you need a healthy dessert and watch the calories melt away.

Last but not least on our list of super foods is the mighty avocado.

Avocado is one of the best sources of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and many other nutrients your body needs. It can be used to make an interesting and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. An egg, some bread and an avocado is a delicious, nutritious breakfast.

To make this tasty and healthy breakfast, simply substitute your eggs for an avocado and add some milk, a few pieces of bacon and some fresh, ripe tomatoes. You’re all set. Serve with toast and you’re off to a good start. If you have trouble staying away from eggs and bacon, consider trying this healthy alternative instead.

These are three great and healthy ways to eat avocado that will help you start each day with a wonderful, nutrient-loaded breakfast. While avocados are high in good fats, try swapping it for another fruit instead of the typical red meat and bacon. You will not only be eating healthier, you’ll have more energy throughout the day and feel great too.

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